Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

[News] Kim Hyun Joong ( 김현중) hit dance, coaxed fan to bed, concert concept showing his power (May 18th,2012)

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Luckily 'Uzoosin' didn't turn into 'Rain gathering God'! (*Note: Reporter playing with chinese word, as the chinese word for U:zoosin '宇宙神' has the same pronunciation as '雨驟神', which means a god who gathered rain!) Korea popular Star Kim HyunJoong held his fan meeting on 18th night at NTU Sports Center, singing 15 songs. During the game session he even coaxed fans to bed, give out a teddy bear, feign kissing to act some heartwarming show effect, intimate actions caused the envy of fans at venue and scream non-stop, instantly turn into a cassanova.

First time holding his Asia Fan Meeting Tour, stage light and effect were completely modeled after concert concept. Kim HyunJoong had been rehearsing up till night time yesterday, but today upon arrived he started his dance practice again. Full of action at times, full of passion at time, tuning his charm to the highest degree. During the opening hit dance he even revealed his abs showing his sexy side, after spending a wonderful time with his fans for around 2 hours, he promised next year during this time he will prepare even richer and spectacular performance content.

Throughout the fan meeting, Kim HyunJoong had changed 4 sets of costume, his stage cost is even more than NT3.5million, around 40 staff entourage tag along from Korea. The organizer mentioned that even the supper expenditure was also a big sum, it was really an expensive fan meeting. There will be another performance on 19th at the same venue, fans who are interested can directly purchase ticket at the concert venue.