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[KHJ World] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) ... TALKS WACKY!! TALKS DEEPLY [by LazerKim]

Credit and wrote by LazerKim

Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TALKS WACKY!! TALKS DEEPLY

Kim Hyun Joong has a deep rooted personality that grew up with him till at this time he matured, his wacky humorous 4D personality. Many of you had known and followed Hyun Joong over the years and his 4D isn’t strange to you anymore. I deliberately collected some his video taken from talk show he guested and other interviews, watched them again as I relay some funny footage and post it.!! Now a days, we rarely see Hyun Joong on talk shows like this, and so this might be a good chance for me to share it to his new fans like me or fans to be.

As we all know Hyun Joong blessed with perfect looks, a fashion icon, meeting him for the first time may give you an impression that he’s snob or his smiles are rare but genuinely given if you smile at him first. He seriously has that touch of class seeing from his outlook, but inside him there hides the unpredictable wacky personality.!! You may never know when he’s gonna open his mouth to speak, and when he does, listen very carefully. Hyun Joong is bound to spill out whatever is in his mind, that’s natural to him, but most of the time out of no where, his candid honesty would bring you to laughter. Well, why not give it a chance to know him better, the real Kim Hyun Joong?


This interview took place on a hillside sometime 2010, Hyun Joong was shooting for a cosmetic product under CF and the theme was the Innocent Prince. the interview goes like this:

Host: Your feelings about filming for a cosmetics under CF, a job reserves solely for beauties and flower boys.

KHJ: I’ve been a cosmetic model for four years now, and I always think to myself at least my skin is still healthy. I shouldn’t be saying this at the age 25, but I suppose that my sunbae who are older than me might say something like…..”will I still be able to be a cosmetic CF model this year”? LOL…

During the commercial shoot, there’s another female model as his partner to ride in a huge tree swing. The girl was pretty and had a long hair. The host asked Hyun Joong, “isn”t it girls with long hair is your ideal”? He said, “yes”…….The photo below described Hyun Hoong’s ideal girl. Take note he personally drew this.

The main host of the show was a girl, bringing an apple as she approached Hyun Joong and said:

Host: Take a bite…is the apple good?

KHJ: Ah, I think it has pesticide sprayed on it!!!

Host: Among the princess which princess do you like?

KHJ: Princess, of course wouldn’t it be Quess Myeong Seong (an older woman)??

Host: Being a cosmetic model and receiving the title of having the number one complexion among all artist, what do you do?

KHJ: Yes, my coordi noona help me out a lot with my skin care.

Host: How do they help you out?

KHJ: (said as acted) Just grab the head backward and apply cream roughly!!!…LOL

Host: What are the similarities of Baek Seung Jo of Playful Kiss and Kim Hyun Joong?

KHJ: Our IQ’s are similar…..!!!

Host: Kim Hyun Joong is now a Hallyu star…. (that time he was doing Playful Kiss with low ratings)

KHJ: I think it’s because of Boys Over Flower which receives so much attention!!!

Host: If you become very famous Hallyu star won’t it be difficult to meet you like this on Section TV?

KHJ: Even so, I would still have some sort of projects at one of the big three stations, right??? LOL
This was another MBC Section TV Interview taken right after Showcase Breakdown in June 2011.

Host: I heard that this time is a free stage specially for 4,000 fans.

KHJ: Fans also gave me a lot of gifts, thus decided on tough decision cost of investment worth 150M won!!

Host: What is the type of fan who left deepest impression in you?

KHJ: Fans wrote to me….Hyun Joong shii I love you, love you more than my hubby!!! LOL

Host: Are you influenced by Bae Yong Joon?

KHJ: I received a lot of support from him to release my first album.!!!

Host: Recently you appeared at Knee Drop Guru and showed your straight forwarded and frank eloquent:  [ Kang Hodong asked it work of God or doctor??  KHJ said, "it's given by God and doctor did a little touch up".]  The video was edited and cut out from net.

KHJ: I don’t remember a thing, just like….my brain was taken out from me, placed it somewhere out there and put it back, that kind of thing!!! LOL…


Host: Not long ago your own drawing also became the hot topic.

KHJ: I don’t really understand about painting, but even looking at painting by Picasso, also don’t understand much,….while resting, was thinking ok let’s just add an eye for him, so draw eyes, after that wanted to have bloodshot eye……it seem to have turn out to some weird piece of art!!!!!

Well it’s true, Hyun Joong’s weird drawing and merely had his autograph signature affix on it, turned it to a simple canvas bag, made real money for charity.


Hyun Joong has a funny hobby of drawing just anything under the sun whenever he’s bored or waiting for his turn to shoot whenever he’s filming his dramas. And his idea of U:zoosin is for real. In one of the talk shows he appeared on TV, he was telling about his experience of an alien. That talk show was not translated so I couldn’t be sure about the details and I’m not sure if that was just one of his 4D wacky!!


Apparently Hyun Joong still has that child within him even he had matured, and you now have the idea where the luminous U:zoosin came from? Hyun Joong is fond of aliens, as shown photo above, it’s actually one of his drawings and making stories out of it!!!

In another talk show with Lee Sora, she had noticed the luminous U:zoosin that Hyun Joong’s fans carry  with them waving it during any of his performances. Lee Sora asked her audience KHJ fans, what was the idea of those U:zoosin.?? Then Hyun Joong replied that he’s fond of outer space alien, and so his fans call him their Alien Prince and the fans are his troupes!!!

Hyun Joong shared with even his childish side, and those U:zoosin unexpectedly made real money!! In fact Hyun Joong can’t help to say those U:zoosin merchandise earned as much as his CD albums!!! Simple things as these had been treasured by his fans, and who wouldn’t? It’s a part of Hyun Joong’s personality!


I remember this interview by Lee Sora again, Hyun Joong mentioned that when the time comes his career finale approach, he said he wants to give a free concert for his fans, or place a can to drop any amount for charity. This was the third time I heard about giving free concert from Hyun Joong.

First time was, way back a year after his debut  with SS501. The members were asked this question, “if you have a huge amount of money won from the lottery what will you do with the money”. Other members replied as, buying a house, put up a business ect. In short, other members would think of material things to consume the lottery prize. Leader Kim Hyun Joong replied last and said, “half of it, I’ll give it to DSP owner whom I owe so much for turning me from a high school student to a professional singer. then half of it, I would like to do a concert for free for those students who can not afford concert tickets”.

Second time was at Guerrilla Date, sometime in 2009 when he was doing BOF. The host asked him ” what do Kim Hyun Joong think of the future”?  Hyun Joong stated “I would like to give a free concert for our fans”. Then the third was said at Lee Sora’s Second Proposal, when he’s already doing solo performance.

Actually his dream already came true for the first time, when he launched his first mini album Showcase Breakdown, the show was for free for 4,000 KHJ’s fans in June 7, 2011 right after his 25th birthday. And yet he still dreams for free concert to his fans only this time he thought of charity, but still it’s a selfless dream.

I think Hyun Joong is an adventurous, he’s not scare of trying new things, as we always watch him with a lot of new ideas stored in his mind. The only time he was scared which he disclosed to his fans, was when he was preparing for his first album, as he stated in his unforgettable letter to his fans that he read during the free concert he had. Can’t blame the guy , it was his career turning point, it’s water test to be out there for the first time performing by himself in that huge stage. Now I think he’ll be sailing in a better sea water.

These are just bits about who Kim Hyun Joong is and I’m still at the process of knowing more about him myself. This January he’ll be holding a fan meeting show, and it was said that the format will be similar to a talk show. In short he’s giving more chances to his fans  to know him personally. I posted only two events of one on one interview with Kim Hyun Joong, and there’s a lot more about which I reserve for the coming days.

It’s nice to talk about Hyun Joong, because he has such in interesting story and interesting personality. I really think his real self is an open book to everyone, because his candid honesty seem very natural to him. The good looking handsome guy, soft spoken,the  gentle Yoon Ji Hoo, the arrogant Baek Seung Jo, the characters we all know, has a funny side beyond anyone’s expectation. But the guy has a big heart, capable of understanding others, the guy able to sincerely give in to make others happy, and the guy is Kim Hyun Joong.

We do sing and dance with Hyun Joong whenever he performs on stage, we do laugh with him whenever his 4D personality strikes, or laugh whenever he makes a mistake that’s cute. We do listen to him as he listens to us and we sometime do cry with him whenever he’s in pain that all we can do is watch him go though his path. And with all of that, we get to be more closer to him as we get to know more about him.

Kim Hyun Joong is a type of guy that can not be ignored, because Kim Hyun Joong is a special unique person in his most simple unique ways in reality.…..    LazerKim here writing

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