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[KHJ World] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) ... FAN STARTER [by LazerKim]

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By LazerKim:     

Are you looking for something to read about Kim Hyun Joong? Are you a new fan of Hyun Joong? Or do you just happen to pass by to fill up your curiosity as to who Kim Hyun Joong is? Well, today is your lucky day since you came into the right place, Kim Hyun Joong is my sole interest in writing articles. If you’re a new fan, I would assume you have met him when he debuted his album Breakdown.  Or you might have seen him from his latest public exposure from his video clips. Probably you might have heard about Kim Hyun Joong but didn’t have much chance in getting to know him better. Well, it’s high time to start, and here’s your chance to do so.

For a briefer, Kim Hyun Joong was a leader of a boy group SS501 consisting of five members of singer dancers debuted in 2005. In June 2010 the group’s contract under DSP was terminated and Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast as a solo artist right after his contract termination. Hyun Joong started to gained attention in 2009 when he did a huge hit drama Boys Over Flower both in Korea and overseas. In 2010 Hyun Joong did another drama Playful Kiss which suffered low rating in Korea but did a smashed hit overseas.

June – December 2011

In June 2011 Hyun Joong debuted his album Breakdown which hit the top of the billboard count down in any music chart. Being the official endorser of The Face Shop and launching of his album Breakdown Hyun Joong traveled in many parts of Asia. In October 2011 Hyun Joong again released another album Lucky Guy, again gaining a lot of attention. After his 2 weeks promotion of Lucky Guy, he immediately flew to Japan to host seven concert events in seven cities of Japan. Towards the year 2011 ends Hyun, Joong was able to received eight trophies for Best Male Artist  in different prestigious Awards.

January – Febuary 2012

By the start of 2012 in January, Hyun joong hosted a fan meeting in Seoul as his way of thanking his fans for a successful year 2011. The following day He flew to Japan to debut his Japanese version album of Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy in January 25, 2012. The album marked in the history of Japanese music industry to be the first foreign artist to attain over 70,000 album copies sales on its first day release. Hyun Joong became an international news maker as he became the cover center page of every magazines and newspapers in all parts of the world while he was in Japan.

Hyun Joong hosted his first concert for year 2012 at Yokohama Arena in Feb. 5, which was attended by over 20,000 fans not to mention those who were not able to make it since concert ticket were all sold out a week prior to Hyun Joong’s arrival to Japan. The scenario did not end from here, Hyun joong came back home to Korea and had gained Gold status for his first album having able to attain over 100,000 album copies in revenue for barely one week since its release. And at present Hyun Joong is at his hiding cocoon!!

From 2009 Hyun Joong’s popularity boost continued to snowball up to this time. Every time he’s out there on his public appearances, the more he gained attention. I’m sorry to give you a long litany of briefer, but actually this is already a summary of his success which transpired in barely eight months. From the time Hyun Joong performed his come back stage in June 2011, he never stop and so with his fans were so busy with updates about his activities.

Getting to know KHJ:

Hyun joong is a hard working guy, he’s a perfectionist when it comes to his craft and performance. He doesn’t stop until he had satisfied himself to perfect his every move specially in dance

Hyun Joong has a strong charisma or aura that keeps pulling people to his side. It’s not difficult to love him because he’s always himself, he never pretend as somebody he’s not, his life is an open book to his fans and he’s very thoughtful to everybody. He can make you sing his songs, he can make you dance to the beat of his music, he can make you cry off cam, oh! he can make you laugh without his deliberate effort to do so, and he can touch your very life even he’s not intending to.

Hyun Joong has a split personality, as his fans call it 4 dimensional personality, you know, saying something that’s out of context or unintentional weirdness, that can make you laugh. He’s candidly honest, he does many mistakes, but you couldn’t criticize him for that, because he’s simply cute every time he does. Hyun Joong has many unique qualities that will make you embrace him for what he is. Many call him Perfect, as you may contradict to the fact that no one is perfect. I will not convince you further, just give him a chance to know him better and find out for yourself.

If you’re feeling at lost about Hyun Joong, which I had experienced and is very likely to happen to you, Hyun Joong has three big network of fans in any parts of the world, Hennecia, KHJ Perfect, Triple S, they are just around the internet that may assist you in searching for your way towards Hyun Joong. Don’t worry they are modest,very friendly and accommodating. I’m not trying to sell them out, please don’t misunderstand, I’m just leading you to the right direction in search of Hyun Joong.

For some unexplainable reasons, I think his fans do acquire Hyun Joong’s personality, which is contagious!. It’s something like the saying, “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” There’s a strong connection between Hyun Joong and his fans. I couldn’t explain further than this, but you’ll see it for yourself.

Kim Hyun Joong Magic Spell

My life drastically changed, spending all my waking hours from morning till dawn, watching all his video clips, reading all his updates and anything that pertains to Hyun Joong. I was searching for articles or write up of other fans who might be experiencing the same thing as I was. I borrowed a space from Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog hoping I can read other fans experience about Hyun Joong, and I was happy to know from many of them that I was not alone!!! I couldn’t describe how I was, I can only say I was totally restless when I couldn’t find anything to read anymore. And so I found this space, created it and write my thoughts share it with others who were experiencing the same as I did.

Magic word

I finally found the right term to describe myself during that time I was in search of Hyun Joong and the term is ADDICT. Yes I am that until now. And many out there are addict to Hyun Joong. After watching him perform once or twice you start to become curious, as to who could be this guy. You start to look around and browse at the internet, one may lead you to another, and go back to watching his video clips. As you watch him, you search again for some information that would lead you in knowing more about him. And before you know it, you’re already hooked by Hyun Joong’s magic spell. Don’t panic, I do not want you to go searching in the dark, as I have experienced in the past. You are not alone, there are thousands out there who shares the same feelings as you are.

Fan Warning:

Oh by the way, after every exposure, Hyun Joong goes back to his cocoon, you may anticipate dull moments in your daily life in his absence, because you’ll be looking for him everywhere simply because you start missing him. Don’t worry every single fan experience the same dull, boring, depress, loneliness, emptiness and longing. He will eventually surface out of nowhere, at the least expected, but that’s gonna be a few seconds glimpse, that you would wish it didn’t happen because he’ll go back to his cocoon and leave you back to your dull life. You’ll see a stolen photo shot of Hyun Joong from Kara’s concert, you’ll feel excited for some seconds and after that very short encounter you’ll find yourself staring at an empty space, because you missed him even more after that seconds glimpse.

If that happens, hit the internet as you’ll find out Hyun Joong’s fans share their feelings of  gloomy days without Hyun Joong around. Don’t worry, Hyun Joong is a guy with lots of surprises. He can be out of sight for a while, but when he gets out and ready to step on that stage, he’ll surprise you with something new, and you’ll fall for him over and over again. Hyun Joong is an ego tripper, which is very normal to any man specially lovers!! He will let you miss him that much although he’s not doing it intentionally. He’s just not aware that his fans have fallen deeply in love with him. He knows he has a lot of big crowd of fans but he doesn’t know how much his fans love him. I mean men are men, we are different from them, we ladies are emotional and men are the opposite by nature. And Hyun Joong is no exception, he’s a man. Just take it that way for a relief!!

Are you still with me??? Do stick around don’t worry you’re not alone.!! Just keep reading about him. See you again!!
Kim Hyun Joong is a very nice guy worthy of your time spent, caring and loving….. 
LazerKim here writing

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