Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

[Video + Eng.Trans] K-STAR News - Investment Plus Star - Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) No.5

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Interviewee: Choi Minsu

Choi Minsu: When we were younger, we did a lot of part time jobs. Among them, we had many part-time jobs in chicken restaurants, so during that time we said that we would open a chicken restaurant together when one becomes successful.
Q: Even Kim Hyun Joong did a lot of part-time jobs in Chicken restaurants?

MS: Yeah, Hyun Joong also did a lot of part-time jobs. 

Q: What are the benefits of being a celebrity and a boss?

MS: Because of Hyun Joong’s popularity, many fans of Hyun Joong came to the shop. We could communicate with the fans as well, so I think this is a good thing.

Q: If there is to be any shortcomings (of having Hyun Joong as a celebrity and boss) ?

MS: Because of Hyun Joong’s face seen everywhere in our shop, the shop represents him and it becomes even more important to ensure good hygiene and good taste, in order to prevent harsh criticism, so we are always extra careful.

Q: Does Hyun Joong come to the shop often?

MS: When Hyun Joong does not have any schedules, he comes to the shop quite often.

Q: Hyun Joong’s favourite in the menu?

MS: Firstly, he’ll have the very basic – chicken first. And for soup, he’ll have Omoktang (Fishcake soup), Mandutang (Dumpling soup). He tends to eat these few very often.

Q: How many bottles of Soju can Hyun Joong take?

MS: Because he can take more than 3 bottles of Soju (on his own), so he tend to have about 3 bottles or more.

Q: About how many chickens does the shop sell in a day?

MS: During a good day, about 100 chickens, but the number we sell gets higher during summer time.

Q: At this moment, how many outlets does the shop has?
MS: Right now we have 9 outlets. There are more outlets planned so we are in the midst of a lot of preparations for it now.