Senin, 19 September 2011

[Message] Kim Hyun Joong's Staff Blog Japan Updates

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Tweeted by  @lunajun0324 said HJ’s staff blog on his mobile site just updated tt he got interviewed for 11 hours by many press 2day!!

Source: KHJ Japan Mobile Staff Blog
Credits: ritsuko05801 @yahoo blog
Japanese~English: miyo
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■ In the midst of Interview!!
2011/09/18 DA Manager S

Hello, Digital Adventure staff Manager, S!
Through the staff blog, I would like to show what Hyun Joong is doing while he is in Japan now!
Let’s start with Hyun Joong today↓

Today is scheduled to have interview the whole day from morning.
His schedule in Japan this time will also be very busy and all staff will work hard too, so please give your support☆

■ In the midst of Photoshooting!!
2011/09/18 DA Manager S

Hello, Digital Adventure, Manager S!
Next let’s start off with Hyun Joong in the midst of a photoshoot↓

Even for long interviews, handling it energetically(`・∀・´)

■ Today’s Dinner is…
2011/09/18 DA Manager S

Digital Adventure, Manager S!
Today’s schedule had finally ended a while ago☆
Near to 11 long hours of interview had ended without any problems, having dinner with the staff now♪

We have came to Hyun Joong’s favourite 『Jangara Ramen』(^^)
Eating delicious ramen, Hyun Joong and staff will work hard together for tomorrow too!