Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

[Project] First notice about Kim Hyun Joong's Solo Album Support (Group Order)

Repost with full credit, PLEASE

Here is the notice from KIMHYUNJOONG★PERFECT about joining the group Pre-Order of Kim Hyun Joong's first solo album in many countries.

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위에 열거된 사이트에 가입하지 않으신 분은 다음 이메일 주소로 연락을 주시면 언제든지 공구에 참여하실 수 있습니다.

Those who didn't join any fansites listed above
can participate in this activity when you contact the following sites via these e-mail addresses.

Korea :
InvestigationKHJ :

China :
HyunBar66 :
MagicHyun :

Hong Kong :
Hyunjoong-hk :

Indonesia :
Hyunited6686 :

Japan :
Doublena :

Singapore : :

Taiwan :
金賢重.com : :

Thailand :
Hyuniversal0606 :

Vietnam : : :