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[Fan Account] HyunJoong who went to Junsu’s musical (Its been 500 years…) [12.02.11]

Chinese translation: YOYO@Hyunbar
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English translation:

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Erm, firstly, i had a hard time translating this fan account because it wasn’t in proper sentences. Secondly, i don’t understand what the author said in the FA actually (Her writing style is totally like HyunJoong i must say haha.)
Its a poorly done translation by me. Hope someone will do a better one and post it up soon to replace it. *Cover face and run away*
P/S: Posted privately but decided to share it anyways. I don’t understand it so don’t ask me about it lolololol! And if you know how to read it in Korean & Chinese, you can click on the links. Its better i guess. ^^;;
I felt like sleeping in the morning thus laying down (on the bed) but after that i received info that HyunJoong oppa will be watching Junsu’s musical  at night, felt that it should be around 7pm, i feel that i should sleep more… It was already 4pm when i woke up.
But i had to work in the early morning, i could not wake up and slept again… -__-
After a while, i heard from my friend that HyunJoong oppa came and immediately woke up to wash-up.
-Omitted, about her going to the convenient store to buy chocolate, and then she remembered that she purchased some chocolates and sweets from Jeju and went back home to take and went to the stationary shop to buy some writing materials and went back to the musical venue-
There was a interval of 20 minutes after the 1st part… HyunJoong oppa came out!!!
I knew my chance came and quickly passed him the bag (of chocolates and card)
I even asked him “How are you???”…..
He answered firmly “Yea!!!!!”….

-Omitted, talking about friends, and HyunJoong walking into the guest room.-
Not sure why, but i am worried about HyunJoong bringing out the bag,
I felt relief when his manager hold on to it when they came out.. ^___^
But my bag seems to put something kekekekekeke It’s appearance suddenly became hard… kekekekeke
Oppa was smiling happily and his mood seems very fast…
“What made you so happy? kekekekeke” I asked.
“You don’t interrupt!!!!” HyunJoong oppa suddenly shouted.
His manager standing beside him kept laughing… Chey!!!!
I hate oppa!!!!! Why does he always only fierce at me ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
(T/N: I believed that HyunJoong does it jokingly. ^_^;;)

No matter what, oppa went in the hall to watch the musical again… We waited for him outside before the 2nd part end? Gossiping and talking while waiting for oppa.
I was freezing outside while waiting.
With the claps and cheering from the hall, HyunJoong oppa suddenly walked out.
Everyone followed him till the carpark, we can chat for quite some while.
A lot of unnies received Valentine’s Day gifts… from their girl friends (It should be their boyfriends~)!!! Kekeke
Smiled together with the manager kekekekeke
(Her friend i supposed) prepared chocolate for HyunJoong but she couldn’t pass it to him so she passed it to the manager instead… Because of this, the manager seems unhappy and told us to pass it ourselves.
The manager angrily (jokingly) said “I don’t want to eat!!!!!”
HyunJoong oppa laughed at him.
The manager was holding onto my bag after the 1st part of the musical end.
On this side, HyunJoong was stuffing some stuff inside the bag so the unnies directly took away the gift!!!!
Oppa laughed again. kekekekekkeke
Others also gave him chocolates, but took back the letters, i also took back~ No more~~ @@ Just like this.. kekekekekke
(rainaftershine: I directly translate everything in the translation at this part. Couldn’t really make out what the translation said here but i supposed that everyone took back their letters because HyunJoong decided to read it in front of them? Anyone can help with this part? T_T)

We told him to leave more message on the official web, he said he will.

We asked him if he is anticipating for sweets during Valentine’s Day, he laughed. kekekekkekekeke
We asked him if the CF was smoothly filmed… Because we asked why, haven’t started to film yet,
manager curiously asked us how we know about it kekekekekekekeke
What thing made it so curious? kekekekekekekeke
More curious stuff will pile up in the future? kekekekekekeke
We asked him when will we meet again, he said May but i heard it as February.
“What will happen in February?” I was shocked.
ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ We all laughed kekekekeke
HyunJoong oppa told us to go back (He told us to go home)
We understood what he said except Xirbe  alone who heard him telling her to go US kekekekkekekekeke
We asked him when will he go, kekekekkekekekekeke
We were reluctant to go, joker HyunJoong oppa who suddenly thought of something funny kept laughing in the car kekekekekeke
The car’s window was fully opened when he was about to go, he greeted us while closing the window and off he go kekeke
-Omitted, about her feelings-